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Company Overview

Resumes are powerful documents. When executed properly, they can open up doors that lead to better, more fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, very few people understand how to build a resume correctly.  

We’re here to change that.

Rockstar Coders presents a platform that streamlines the resume creation process allowing anyone to build a professional resume in minutes.

How ResumeGem Works

  1. To begin, users pick one of our recruiter-tested resume templates.
  2. Next, the user simply types their information into our form. As they type, a perfectly formatted resume will begin to appear on the opposite side of their screen! 
    This unique process automates formatting, allowing our users to focus on perfecting the content of their resumes instead of worrying about tricky formatting choices.
  1. When the resume is complete, users can save and download their new resume, for free.
    Our cloud storage makes it easy to keep track of multiple resume versions and ensures that our user’s resumes are always accessible.

Company History

While scouting talent for some of the most selective companies in the world, our founders noticed that a lot of really smart people had resumes that hurt their chances of landing an interview.

These job seekers were passed over while their peers who knew how to play the “recruiting game” racked up job offers.

ResumeGem was started to get rid of this imbalance and make hiring more merit-based. Our platform drastically reduces the time it takes to create a professional resume. This allows our users to focus their time and energy on networking and strengthening their credentials.

In the future, we plan to use proprietary talent-identification algorithms to identify strong candidates and match them with mentors and employers!



  • David Fischer

    Founder, CEO

    Yale University

  • Nathan Kontny


    University of Illinois

Press Inquiries

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